When do I make a Service Request?

Schools requesting further support for individual pupils will need to demonstrate that the pupil is experiencing specific learning difficulties relating to literacy and/or numeracy despite systematic and little and often teaching interventions.  There will need to be evidence of identified needs, targets set, interventions planned and pupil progress documented.

spldpic5The standard Service Request Form must be fully completed. The form and guidance notes are available on hertfordshire.gov.uk.

Ensure you have parental consent and signature prior to sending the completed form to The Thomas Coram SpLD Base (School Number 922).

Service Requests can come from area schools including mainstream schools, special schools, bases and unit provisions.  The Base Leader is responsible for prioritising Service Requests.  Reasons for prioritisation will be shared with the referring school if necessary.

spldpic6On receipt of the Service Request Form the Base will contact the school to arrange an Initial Visit with the class teacher and/or SENCo. Evidence on the Initial Visit Information and Teacher’s View checklists will be discussed.

The school should make available up to date assessment records of literacy/numeracy.

You should allow at least 30 minutes for this meeting.

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