School Prefects

IMG_5006Members of Year 6 are appointed to carry out duties within the school.

Prefects aid in the running of the canteen, show visitors around the school and support younger pupils.

Our Head Boy & Girl are elected every year. They have extra responsibilities including representing the pupil body to the Governors at annual meetings. The report they presented in July 2016 is below.

Head Boy and Head Girl report on 2015-16

Throughout the year, we have had the great opportunity and fantastic experience of being Head Boy and Head Girl. We were extremely pleased and proud to be asked to do these roles and to carry out the different tasks. We feel very mature wearing our Head Boy and Head Girl badges and we were both very surprised to be voted by all of the staff!

We have developed our leadership and communication skills, by being good role models and organising each group of prefects to complete their tasks. We both have the skills to give clear instructions to the new group of prefects – this can be a challenge, as we have a new group to train each term. We feel that we have supported the prefects, especially if they are struggling or unsure of what to do. We think that we have made the prefects feel more confident about their role.

We are always delighted to take visitors on a tour around our amazing school. We especially enjoy showing new pupils and their families around, as they are always very interested to find out about the school. We relish the opportunities to show other visitors around, such as governors and teachers from other schools. It is great to ‘show-off’ our school – our ethos, friendliness and facilities.

Thomas Coram has given us both many opportunities, including helping with worship and church services and being ambassadors for the school. We felt very proud to open the Charter Day service. We have also represented the school in tournaments and district sporting events.

Thomas Coram is a brilliant school. We will remember this amazing experience and we will miss the phenomenal teachers. Finally, on behalf of all the Year 6 pupils, we would like to say a huge thank you for three unforgettable years.

Florence and Joe

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