School Council

Who is the School Council?

Our school council consists of class representatives who are elected every term to represent their peers. Two of the representatives have particular roles – these roles are Secretary and Treasurer.

How are the reps nominated?

Pupils are nominated and their names are put forward in each class. The rest of the pupils then vote anonymously. This process happens termly. The School Council elect and vote for a Secretary and a Treasurer.

Our ideas and discussions

IMG_5067We have discussed ways to improve our year areas and further learning opportunities. Our ideas include more equipment for break times, DVDs for indoor breaks, a wider selection of fiction books and more trips and visits.

The School Council have shared their views about the school; we have discussed enjoyment, aspects of learning, lessons and additional activities.

We are in the process of purchasing a range of break time equipment, such as play balls and footballs. We have allocated 20% of our budget for this equipment. We aim to purchase a range of fiction books and DVDs.

Our achievements

During the last few academic years, the School Council have organised various charity events and school events. These have included: The Bishop of St Albans’ Harvest Appeal, Red Nose Day, ‘Gunge The Teacher’ for Comic Relief and designing the courtyard areas.

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