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Year 3 learning activities (archive)

This is an archive page. Click on the + next to the day, below, to view prior Year 3 learning activities. Current learning activities are available on this page here.

Week beginning Monday 23 April

Hello Year 3. Your first day of your school at home is here. Learn lots and try your best. 

Thought of the Day-Tough times never last, tough people do.

Off we go!


Write out number sequences from any of your times tables. You don’t have to start at the beginning. Aim to write a sequence of at least 5 numbers.

i.e 12,15,18,21,24

Using a dice or cards with numbers 1-6 on them, pick two 4 digit numbers and complete 5 addition and 5 subtraction sums using the column method.

Give yourself a brain break. Jog on the spot for a minute, do 10 star jumps, touch the floor and stand up straight 10 times and then have a drink.

Listen to Adele’s Rolling in the Deep 8 times table song. Have your times table square from your planner open to help you if needed.

After listening, write out your 8 times table forward and in reverse order.

Play hit the button from topmarks for 10 minutes.


Your spelling words for this week are: Christmas chorus chemist school character. Look at these each day, ready for testing on Friday.

Read for 20 minutes independently and then for 5 minutes aloud. Use expression. Come alive as you read.

Record 10 of the more tricky spellings from your reading book. Can you find any words within these words? example word-detector=detect, or, tor

Meditation break - watch ‘Friendly Wishes. Guided meditation for kids. Peace Out' (below)

Up level these sentences in your neatest handwriting. This just means to add to the sentence, making it a more complex sentence.

a. The school shut.

b.The seasons changed.

c. They all sat down together.

d. It became dark.

e. She laughed uncontrollably.

f..From the fence, the cat jumped.

g. Bright light shone down.

Have a break. You are doing well.


Have a look at this powerpoint on Stonehenge linked to our Stone Age topic

Find out about Stonehenge. Then you have a choice to either:

a. Sketch using pencil or create a collage of Stonehenge

b. Write an acrostic poem about Stonehenge

c. Write a fact file about Stonehenge.


Listen to Vera Lynn’s ‘We’ll meet again.’ What is this song about? Why is it particularly relevant? Which line in the lyrics is the most effective?

What can you find out about Dame Vera Lynn? Find 3 facts.

Tuesday 24 March

Thought of the Day- A single act of kindness sends out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make trees.

Read the quote and think for a short while about what it means.


Have a go at these this week. Can you get quicker?


Set the clock for 5 minutes. How many of your times tables can you say?

a. 6x4

b. 8x7

c. 11x4

d.  9x10

e.  3x8

For each of your above answers, multiply them by 10. Extra challenge multiply them by 100.

Then using your original answers, divide them by 2.

Using paper, make a collage of many different shapes, dividing them into different equal fractions (which you label) and naming each shape.

Have a movement break. Jog around your garden or use the bottom stair to go up and down.


Read independently for 20 mins and aloud for 5. Treat it like an acting audition.

Write a glossary of 5 of your words from the book you were just reading.

Continue this story opener- The curtains blew open, yet there was no wind. You should write for a minimum of 25 minutes.

Have a break.


Listen to les jours de la semaine on youtube. Create a scrabble board layout using the French days of the week.

Write 5 question quiz giving the answers in French based on the days of the week.

An example question is- What is the last day of the week? dimanche

Optional extra is to use google translate to write sentences in French describing what you do on each day. Try to listen to the audio of how to say it. An example sentence is On Monday, I go swimming.

Meditation - watch 'Peace out guided relaxation for kids 2 timeout' (below)


Draw a cheerful picture that could be given to a family member or neighbour that may need it.


Art for this week-optional extra

Look carefully. What do you see? Have a go at designing your own sculpture

Wednesday 25 March

Good morning Year 3. You’re almost half way through your first week of home learning. Keep up the good work!


Thought of the day: Be kind. Raise your head and laugh loudly. Stand tall and have courage.


Ready? Let’s go!



Design a board game with multiplication and division problems in each square of your board. Play it with someone from your family to test both your maths skills!


Active Session

You may have heard that Joe Wicks, ‘The Body Coach’, is uploading daily workouts for kids on YouTube. If you have access to the internet, why not try following along.


If you can’t access the internet right now, try to spend a little time outside in the fresh air – throwing and catching is a simple activity you can do. Even if you don’t have a ball, you could try and make up a game with a pair of balled up socks!



Look out of your window and make a spider diagram about what you notice outside that tells you Spring is coming. Use your ideas to write a free verse poem about Spring. Remember the only rule about free verse poems is THERE ARE NO RULES!


Time out! Breathe in some fresh air and have a movement break.



Imagine you are an archaeologist of the future. You have found a time capsule from the year 2020. What would you like to find that would help you to understand what life in 2020 was like? You should think of the evidence that each object could provide you with.

Write a list of objects that you would like to find. Explain your reasoning for each one. Feel free to illustrate your work if you would like.

Extra activity (optional): Make the time capsule you planned above.


You're all done for the day. Have a great evening!

Thursday 26 March


Hello again Year 3. Hope you’re getting into the routine of home learning now.


Thought of the day: One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.


Here goes…



Draw up a tuck shop and/or café menu and price list. Use this to calculate how much your snacks and meals would cost throughout the day. Show your working out by using column addition.


Active Session

If you have access to the internet, try an activity from the Cosmic Kids Yoga channel on YouTube:


If you can’t get on the internet today, create a nature checklist and see how many items you can tick off of it when you next go outside for some fresh air.



We are living through unprecedented times. One day, you will tell your grandchildren about what we are experiencing now. Write a home school diary, explaining your day. Don’t forget to write about how you feel and why.


Time out! Let your hair down and have a movement break.



Find a short poem that inspires you, either online or in a book you might have at home.  Rewrite it in your home learning book and wow your adult at home with your beautiful handwriting!


That's it for today. Enjoy the rest of your Thursday.

Friday 27 March

Thought of the Day:

Courage does not always roar. Sometimes it is the little voice at the end of the day that says ‘I’ll try again tomorrow"

You are a week into learning from home and you’ve almost made it to the weekend! 


Today, we will be looking at Time!

Fill in the sentences in your book.

There are _____ seconds in a minute.

There are _____ minutes in an hour.

There are _____ hours in a day.

There are _____ days in a week.


Challenge for you! How many hours are there in a week?

Draw a clock into your book, it doesn’t have to be a perfect circle!

Can you write the numbers around the face of the clock? Which number is at the very top?

Now, draw the two hands, pointing wherever you would like. Remember one is longer than the other! Then label them (minute and hour).

Next, label where the following times are; o clock, quarter past, half past, quarter to.

You can use this labelled clock to help you with the next part!


What times are being shown on the following clocks?


Finally, can you draw clocks to show the following times?

3 o’clock, quarter past 2, half past 5, quarter to 12, 1:15.

MOVEMENT BREAK – put on your favourite song and make up a dance to it!


Here is an image, taken from the short film “La Luna” (which you can also watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbuq7w3ZDUQ).

Write a short story about these three characters. It can be about whatever you would like. It could be about the job they are doing here or about another job they might do!

Try to include:

  • An exciting opening sentence to grab the reader’s attention!
  • Descriptive language – for the setting, the characters (both how they look and their personality)
  • Direct speech – what are the characters saying to one another?
  • Paragraphs!


Read for 20 minutes independently and 5 minutes aloud to someone. Read with expression, as if you are performing it on stage!



 Go on a light sources hunt around your home. How many can you find?

Make two lists: one for light sources and one for those you are not sure about.

light source not sure

 For those that you have said you are “not sure”, WHY aren’t you sure?

Why do you think they are a light source? Why might they not be one after all?


Spelling Test!

Ask the grown up who is helping you to give you this week’s spelling test (Christmas, chorus, chemist, school, character).

They need to give you each word in a sentence and you need to write the whole sentence, just like we would at school. Good Luck!

Just like, you are done for the week! You've worked so hard, make sure you relax this weekend so you're raring to go again on Monday!

Week beginning Monday 30 March

Thought of the Day:

“Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” – Albert Einstein

Welcome back! We hope you had a fun and restful weekend and are ready for another week of great learning.


Today you are going to be solving some word problems and for that you need to remember RUCSAC:

Each of the word problems for today will be either addition and subtraction. For each one, write the number sentence into your book and show your working – you could use number lines or the column method.

There are 38 people on the bus. At the next stop, 17 people get off. How many people are left on the bus?

Anna buys a banana for 51p and an apple for 27p. How much does she spend all together?

John bakes 50 cupcakes. He sells 22 of them at a bake sale. How many does he have left?

There are 66 coloured pencils in the pot, the teacher adds another 29. How many pencils are now in the pot?

A sandwich costs £1.35 in a café. A carton of juice is 55p. How much would it cost to get both?


MOVEMENT BREAK – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCzgc_RelBA


Use a conjunction to expand these sentences.

(and, but, because, so, then, even though, until, for, yet etc.)


  • The sun was shining.
  • We couldn’t go to school.
  • My mum made a cake.
  • We looked for the cat.
  • Ellie heard a noise coming from the garden.
  • They went for a picnic.
  • Dinner was delicious.
  • The car sped down the street.
  • I went for a walk.



Read for 20 minutes independently and 5 minutes aloud to someone. Read with expression!



Design your own island and draw a map of it.

Remember to include roads and buildings and then create a key with symbols to show what things you have on your island.

Is there a shop?  Where are the houses? What symbol could you use for the beach?



Your spellings for this week are: hope, hopes, hoping, hoped and hopeful.

Can you use them each in a sentence?


You're all done for today! Have a great evening! Is the weather nice enough to spend sometime outside?

Tuesday 31 March

Click here for work for Tuesday 31st March

Wednesday 1 April

Click here for work for Wednesday 1st April

Thursday 2 and Friday 3 April

Click here for work for Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd April 

If you should need more than the allocated work, here a few optional tasks to complete:

Stone Age Wordsearch

Cave painting observation

Stone Age Cave Paintings Photo Powerpoint

Multiplication blank grid

Skara Brae to use for tourist poster

Pebble people

Easter holiday activities

Holiday activity guide - Year 3 Week 1

Holiday activity guide - Year 3 Week 2

And these general Easter activity ideas

Week beginning Monday 20 April

Hello again Year 3. Welcome back to a new week of home learning. We hope you’ve had a restful and fun Easter break and are all ready for action this morning!

Thought of the day: If you carry joy in your heart you can heal any moment.

Okay, let’s get started!


Choose either the grid method or the formal written method to solve the following calculations:

  • 1) 14 x 4 =
  • 2) 22 x 3 =
  • 3) 18 x 5 =
  • 4) 36 x 8 =
  • 5) 17 x 3 =
  • 6) 49 x 4 =
  • 7) 51 x 8 =
  • 8) 32 x 8 =
  • 9) 76 x 5 =
  • 10) 40 x 4 =

Active Session

Make up a dance routine to a favourite song or a song that’s playing on the radio. Consider teaching it to your adult at home too!


Today is all about creative writing and taking inspiration from the Easter break we have just had. You shuld spend 45 minutes to an hour writing a short story. The only rule is that the title should be, ‘The Easter Egg’. Other than that, it’s completely up to you what you write about. You should consider what techniques make a good story. For example, character and setting descriptions create excellent images in the reader’s mind; conjunctions make sentences more interesting and engaging; and direct speech gives us insight into the thoughts of the characters.

Time out! Have a movement break. 


Read independently for 20 minutes and aloud to someone else for 5 minutes. Once you have finished, summarise to an adult what you have just read.


Using your knowledge of the Stone Age already, plus additional facts that you might find online or in a book, make up a ten question Stone Age quiz. It should be multiple choice and you should create an accompanying answer sheet. Once you are done, test your adult at home and see how many questions they can answer correctly. You could even play with your wider family and friends on a video call!

That’s it for today. Have a break now after your first day ‘back to school’! 

Tuesday 21 April

Good morning Year 3. Hope you’re ready for another day of home learning.

Thought of the day: Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen.

And we’re off!


Make a mathematical fortune teller! If you’ve never made a fortune teller before, you can find instructions here: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-Paper-Fortune-Tellers/

You should write either an addition or subtraction calculation on each section of the fortune teller. You should use a mixture of 2 and 3 digit numbers. Make sure you challenge yourself!

Test it out with the help of your adult, and use the column method to solve each calculation in your book.

Active Session

Have a go at this 10 minute shake up activity from the NHS: https://www.nhs.uk/10-minute-shake-up/shake-ups/pumbaas-hippo-hops


Today is all about letter writing. Our local residential home would love to receive a letter from you during this time when they are not able to receive visits from their friends and family. You could perhaps tell them about what you have been doing at home over the Easter break and also about your home learning whilst we are not all together in school. Can you think of anything else you might like to include?

If you would like to send your letters, the address is as follows:

FAO Jackie Milne

Ashlyns Care Home B&M Care

Ashlyns Hall Estate

Chesham Road



Time out! Breathe in some fresh air and have a movement break.


Read independently for 20 minutes and aloud to someone else for 5 minutes. Emphasise the punctuation in your book as you read.


Below is a link to a handwriting competition which we would love you to take part in if you’d like to. It is not compulsory to enter, but you could certainly have a go at the Key Stage 2 activity even if you don’t send in your entry. Enjoy!


Well done for another fabulous day of learning. Have a great evening 

Wednesday 22nd April

Quote of the Day:  

“With the new day come new thoughts and new strengths.” – Eleanor Roosevelt


 To start, practise counting in 5s from 0 to 60


0, __ , __ , __ , __ , __ , __ , __ , __ , __ , __ , __ , __


Today, you are going to be telling the time for 5 minute intervals past the hour.

Draw a clock in your book, like the one above, and starting at 12 (0 minutes past), count in 5s until you get to 30. Label the clock with these numbers.

These are the 5 minute intervals past!

What is 15 minutes past called? What is 30 minutes past called?

Next, use your labelled clock to help you tell the time on the following clocks:


Finally, can you draw clocks to show the following times?

8:05,  3:25, 6:10, 10:20, twenty five past 12.






Use the image of the witch to write a short story.

Think about:

What is the witch like?

Is she a good witch or a bad witch?

Why is she looking for a cat?

Does she buy one?

What happens next?

 Remember to include:

- Descriptive language

- Conjunctions to expand your sentences,

- Paragraphs

You should write for at least 25 minutes.



Read for 20 minutes independently and 5 minutes aloud to someone. Pick out 5 words you don’t know the meaning of and look them up!



Use paper (or anything else you have - get creative!) to make some shadow puppets!

Then, experiment with how you can change the shadow.

 Predict what you think will happen to the shadow when you move the light source further away?

  • How many different distances are you going to test?
  • How are you going to measure the results?
  • Could you draw around the shadow each time?
  • Once you’ve finished the experiment, write down what you found out.
  • Is there any other way you could change the shadow?


That's it for today! You're already past the middle of the week!

Have a great evening.

Thursday 23 April


 Hello and happy Thursday!

Let's start today off with part of a brilliant poem by Spike Milligan for you to think about:

Smiling is infectious,
you catch it like the flu,
When someone smiled at me today,
I started smiling too.
I passed around the corner
and someone saw my grin.
When he smiled I realized
I'd passed it on to him.
I thought about that smile,
then I realized its worth.
A single smile, just like mine
could travel round the earth.

 It's a very strange time for us all, but something as simple as a smile could really make someone's day!

Anyway, on to your learning for the day!


Today, you'll be doing some more word problems, so we need to revisit our RUCSAC method!

  Each of the word problems for today will be a multiplication problem.

For each one, write the number sentence into your book and show your working – you should use either the grid method or the formal written method!

If you need to use pictures or counters (or something similar) to help you, that is okay too!

There are 4 football teams in a competition. Each team has 5 children. How many children are in the competition all together?

Ruby has eleven children coming to her party. Each child needs three toys in their party bag. How many toys will she need?

There are seven bags holding a group of four hula hoops. How many hula hoops are there altogether?

Ruby, Polly, Bethan and James need a pack of colouring pencils. Each pack contains five pencils. How many colouring pencils do they need altogether?

There are six bags holding a group of four hula hoops and three tennis balls. How many items are there all together?

Movement break!




Today, have a go at writing some instructions. 

Imagine an alien has come down to Earth and wants to know how to make your favourite lunch. (You could even actually make it first, so the steps are fresh in your mind!)

You will need to include:

  • A list of equipment/supplies
  • Time conjunctions (First, Next, Then, etc)
  • Clear descriptive language so anyone could pick up the instructions and follow them
  • Some pictures to show what each step would look like!

It should be at least 5 steps long!


Use google images (or something similar - you may have a book at home with these in!) to find and draw the flags of the following countries:

  • UK
  • USA
  • France
  • Italy
  • Canada
  • Turkey
  • Spain
  • China
  • Ireland
  • Syria
  • Kazakhstan
  • Mongolia

Which one is your favourite? Why

For an extra challenge: design a flag for your own country. What would your country be called?

Some countries and special icons on their flags, does yours have one? What could it be?

There we go, Thursday done!

From 7pm tonight, there is the BBC Big Night In fundraiser on BBC One. Will you be watching?

More info here! https://www.bbcchildreninneed.co.uk/shows/join-us-for-the-big-night-in/

Friday 24 April

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Week beginning 27 April

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Week beginning 4 May

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Answers to today's Maths work

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Answers to today's Maths work

Wednesday 6th May

Click here for work for Thursday 7th May

Here is a powerpoint of information on VE Day and an extra comprehension task should you want to keep learning.

VE Day information powerpoint

VE Day reading comprehension

Some of you may like code cracking. You could have a go and then try making your own.

Codecracking for beginners: morse code

Week beginning 11 May

Click here for work for Monday 11th May

Place value riddles

Expanding sentences worksheets

Click here for work for Tuesday 12th May and Wednesday 13th May

Click here for answers to Maths problems for 12th and 13th May

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Answers to today's Maths problems

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Week beginning 18 May

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Answers for Monday 18th May 

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Click here for work for Friday 22nd May

May half term activities

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Week beginning 1 June

Click here for work for Monday 1st June

Click here for work for Tuesday 2nd June

Answers to Maths and Science work

Click here for work for Wednesday 3rd June

Answers to today's Maths

Click here for work for Thursday 4 and Friday 5 June

Please don't forget to use Poppy Warr's Family Workout fitness routine which is live every Friday at 10:30am. It is her 11th one tomorrow! Use the link above, or search YouTube for 'Bump and Beyond by Vicky Warr' and open the videos tab, below the top photos. You can view any past versions as well.

Week beginning 8 June

Click here for work from Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th June

Your spellings for this week are: monkey, trolley, thief, alien and grief

Try to learn them each day and ask someone to test you on Friday.

Click here for work for Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th June

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Week beginning 15 June

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Today's Maths answers

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