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This page contains information about preparing to start at Thomas Coram.

Send us a message on Twitter, Facebook or by emailing the school office letting us know what you'd like to see or to know about our school!

Year 3 teachers

Click on our pictures to find out more about us!

  • Mrs Bruguier
    Year 3 teacher
  • Mrs Deery
    Year 3 teacher
  • Miss Healy
    Year 3 teacher
  • Mrs Giles
    Year 3 teacher
  • Mrs Forbes
    Year 3 teacher


Although the Year 3 teachers and teaching assistants are the main staff that you'll work with, the staff below will also be helping make sure you settle into Thomas Coram well and work hard.

  • Mrs Cutler
    Head of School
  • Miss Williamson
    Assistant Head
  • Mrs Griffiths
    Lower KS2 Phase Leader
  • Mrs Parker
  • Mr Halls
    Executive Headteacher



Story time!

It'd be great if you knew a bit about Thomas Coram - who he was, what he achieved and why our school is named after him - before you even start with us! Below you can listen to two stories about Captain Thomas Coram and the Foundling Hospital.

Are you feeling artistic? Artist Nick Sharratt shows you how to draw a foundling girl in her uniform. We'd be really impressed if you arrived in September with your own foundling picture!

Letters sent

Year 2 transition arrangements 11 June 2020

Year 2 transition visit for Victoria and Swing Gate 24 June 2020

Year 3 class arrangements September 2020

Other 'new starter' documents 

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