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This page contains information about preparing to start at Thomas Coram.

Send us a message on Twitter, Facebook or by emailing the school office letting us know what you'd like to see or to know about our school!

Year 3 teachers

Click on our pictures to find out more about us!

  • Mrs Bruguier
    Year 3 teacher
  • Mrs Deery
    Year 3 teacher
  • Miss Healy
    Year 3 teacher
  • Mrs Giles
    Year 3 teacher
  • Mrs Forbes
    Year 3 teacher

Although the Year 3 teachers and teaching assistants are the main staff that you'll work with, the staff below will also be helping make sure you settle into Thomas Coram well and work hard.

  • Mrs Cutler
    Head of School
  • Miss Williamson
    Assistant Head
  • Mrs Griffiths
    Lower KS2 Phase Leader
  • Mrs Parker
  • Mr Halls
    Executive Headteacher


Story time!

It'd be great if you knew a bit about Thomas Coram - who he was, what he achieved and why our school is named after him - before you even start with us! Below you can listen to a story about Captain Thomas Coram and the Foundling Hospital.

Are you feeling artistic? Artist Nick Sharratt shows you how to draw a foundling girl in her uniform. We'd be really impressed if you arrived in September with your own foundling picture!

You can even listen to a musical written for children about Thomas Coram and the Foundling Hospital!

Letters sent

Year 2 transition arrangements 11 June 2020

Year 2 transition visit for Victoria and Swing Gate 24 June 2020

Year 3 class arrangements September 2020

Other 'new starter' documents 

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