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Newsletter 5

Friday 7 October 2022

Notices and Reminders

''Always give thanks for everything to God the Father" Ephesians 5.20

This week at Thomas Coram
What a great week we have had. We have been busy collecting items for DENs charity and have been so fortunate in your generosity so thank you very much. This week, I have been able to eat lunch in the dining hall and meet with some of the children and hear what they have to say about TC, lots of children said they love the challenging work their teachers provide, they enjoy being with their friends, they like their PE lessons and the outdoor space. Some of the things they wish they could change were homework - I spent a long time discussing this and why homework was important to prepare them for secondary school, more time doing PE lessons and more play time equipment, which I explained we are still awaiting and hopefully it would arrive soon. 

On Monday, I led a worship about being thankful even when times are tough. Although this can be difficult, there is still so much to be thankful for and it is important to remember that. Father Joe spoke to the children about Harvest on Wednesday and the importance of why we celebrate Harvest. Thank you to 6RM for leading worship today. 

As the weather is getting colder and more unpredictable now, please do ensure the children are bringing a coat to school each day. Please also remember to label your child's uniform, even if it is just a biro name on the label, this will then ensure it is able to be returned to your child. 

Secondary Transfer
The deadline for applying for a secondary school place closes on Monday 31 October 2022. Any applications received after this date will be considered as late. We strongly recommend that you apply before the deadline or you may not get your first choice of school. Information can be found here.

Captain's club bookings
Please note bookings for Autumn Two half term (Nov & Dec 22) at Captain's Club will open on Monday 10 October at 7.00pm in Arbor. 

Open Morning
We will be holding two open mornings in November to encourage parents with Year 2 children to apply for Thomas Coram as their Year 3 school in September 2023. I will do a short talk to the parents and then there will be a tour of the school. Please pass this on to any parents who you may know who have children in Year 2. 

Information held on Arbor
Next week you will receive via Arbor a data collection sheet for your child please check the sheet and make any changes necessary in Arbor. 

Dacorum Family Services
DFS are running a number of workshops this term including 'Routines and Boundaries' on Thursday 13 October. This is a virtual workshop and will be held via Microsoft Teams. 

Scarlet Fever
We have been notified by HCC that Scarlet fever cases are higher than normal for this time of year.  Please be aware of the signs and symptoms of Scarlet Fever.  Scarlet fever is a common childhood infection caused by Streptococcus pyogenes, or group A streptococcus (GAS). The early symptoms of scarlet fever include sore throat, headache, fever, nausea and vomiting. After 12 to 48 hours the characteristic red, pinhead rash develops, typically first appearing on the chest and stomach, then rapidly spreading to other parts of the body, and giving the skin a sandpaper-like texture. The scarlet rash may be harder to spot on darker skin, although the 'sandpaper' feel should be present. Patients typically have flushed cheeks and pallor around the mouth. This may be accompanied by a ‘strawberry tongue’. As the child improves peeling of the skin can occur. 

Rotary Fireworks
We are supporting Berkhamsted Rotary club by selling tickets for the Firework display via school. Ticket prices are Adult £9.00, Under 16 £6.00 and Family (2 adults, 2 under 16) £23.00 they are now available for purchase from the school office. Further details of the event can be found here. Thomas Coram will receive £1 for each adult and child ticket sold through school and £4 per family ticket. 

Friends of Thomas Coram
The FOTC AGM is taking place on Thursday 13 October at 7.00pm. We really look forward to seeing you there. 

Stars of the week - We were not able to hand the certifcates out today but will do so on Monday

3SB - Daisy - for her amazing poetry performance of 'Monsters'. Daisy has a natural gift for performing. 

3SG - Sam- for writing a fantastic free verse poem this week, he included alliteration, similes, lots of descriptive language and he even wrote it in the shape of an animal. Great effort Sam!

3EW - Chase - for his positive attitude to learning and his focus during lessons. Great effort!

4HS - Antonia - for writing the most amazing poem this week about the Roman Goddess Venus. As well as using the scaffolding to help her, she was brave and experimented with some of her own ideas which really brought her poem to life. Well done Antonia, the class and I were really impressed. 

4SW - Evie - for showing a positive and resilient attitude towards learning and being a great learning partner. 

4AP - Lorelei - for having such a positive attitude to learning, listening really well in lessons and always trying her best. 

5DH - Ellie - for her great contributions in all lessons.

5KS - Rosie - for always contributing to class discussions and working to the best of her abilities at all times.

5RG - Amelie - for taking ownership of her learning and making a conscious effort to complete more work, particularly in Maths this week when dividing and multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000. 

5JR - Maksym - for being a valuable member of 5JR, making excellent progress in learning English, always smiling and making us laugh with your wonderful sense of humour. We will miss you and wish you all the very best.  

За те, що є цінним членом п'яти молодших, досягаючи чудового прогресу у вивченні англійської мови, завжди посміхаючись і змушуючи нас сміятися з вашим чудовим почуттям гумору, ми будемо сумувати за вами і бажаємо вам всього найкращого. 

6WT - Katy - for superb vocabulary choices in our work on 'Night of the Gargoyles'.

6RM - Billy - for being a fantastic role model, with a great work ethic and always being helpful.


A full calendar is available here                   

  • October - Black History Month
  • Thurs 13 October - FOTC AGM 7.00pm
  • Mon 17 October - Black History Month Celebration Day
  • Fri 21 October - FOTC Dress down day
  • Fri 21 - Sun 31 Oct - FOTC Scarecrow Festival
  • Mon 24 - Fri 28 Oct - Half term
  • Mon 31 Oct - Flu vaccinations
  • Tues 1 Nov - Parent consultations 5:00 - 8:00pm
  • Thurs 3 Nov - Parent consultations 4:00 - 7:00pm
  • Fri 11 Nov - Remembrance Day
  • Mon 14 - 18 Nov - Anti-bulling week
  • Mon 14 Oct - Odd Socks Day
  • Tues 15 Nov - Open Morning for Year 2 parents
  • Thurs 17 Nov - Open Morning for Year 2 parents
  • Fri 18 Nov - Children in Need
  • Fri 18 Nov - FOTC Quiz night

Information sent out this week

This week we sent out the following emails:

This week at St Peter's

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