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Newsletter 37

Friday 9 July 2021

Notices and Reminders

"Tell the truth to each other" Zechariah 8.16

COVID email
Remember if your child exhibits covid symptoms and you book a test at any time, including over the weekend, don't forget to let us know and also the test result when you receive it. Please note that if a positive test is received over the weekend the admin account is NOT monitored. Please use the covid@thomascoram.herts.sch.uk email.


This week, our whole school worships have been led by Mrs Cutler, Father Joe and 5JR. We have been reflecting on having the courage to be honest. Fr Joe encouraged us to reflect on times when we have not been honest and to question why we acted in that way. It takes courage to admit when we have not told the truth; Fr Joe reminded us of the time when Peter denied knowing Jesus but how he later realised his mistake and asked for Jesus' forgiveness. 5JR shared the poem 'Matilda' by Hilaire Belloc as a reminder of the dire consequences of not telling the truth. 

Learning outside the classroom
This week in school, our Year 3 pupils enjoyed a visit from Portals to the Past. This was linked to their History learning about Early Man to Iron Age. They learnt about weaponry and hunting, tried solving the mystery of Otzi, built Stonehenge from a plan, completed a quiz and practised fishing and hunting with a series of games which tested their agility, stealth and teamwork. 

As they have been unable to take part in a residential visit this year, Year 4 children enjoyed a morning of team building games and a scavenger hunt, followed by a day trip to Mead Open Farm. 

Forthcoming activities
On Thursday 15 July we have a whole school art day planned by Mrs Bruguier around the theme of Japan (this links in with the Tokyo Olympics) and on Friday 16 July is our re-scheduled sports day.

Your child's annual report is being sent home today (9 July); those classes which have been completing their learning at home will receive them next week on return to school. Please remember to send back the slip to show that you have received the report. 

Year 6 lunch refunds
If your child is in Year 6 and has a credit on their lunch account this will be refunded on Wednesday 21 July.  

DSPL8 News
The final two sessions of the CREATE-Covid Response programme being run by Dacorum Family Services are about Encouraging Positivity. There are two Zoom sessions being run: Monday 12 July at 6.30pm and Tuesday 13 July at 10am. Click here for further details. 



Stars of the week


3KD - Phoebe for showing a more positive attitude in school. Your smile cheers everyone up. 

3NH - Mason - for being consistently kind and a helpful member of the class. Mason was an especially excellent knot undo-er whilst the class has been sewing this week.

3SB - Thomas - for his input and enthusiasm on their history day and for winning the class quiz that followed.

3SG - All of 3SG - every member of 3SG was fantastic in their Stone Age Day earlier in the week. They asked questions and joined in all the games cheering on not only their own team but the other class as well. Mrs Giles was very impressed with the teamwork that they showed working together to build models of Stonehenge.

4FG - Austin - for being a well behaved young man who always tries his best and this week, he came first in a class quiz. Congratulations!

4RD - Kai - for the effort he puts into his work and the outstanding quality of everything he does. Also for becoming increasingly willing to get involved in class discussions. 

4RP - Elliot - for being a kind and helpful learning partner and for always demonstrating enthusiasm for learning.

5CT -  All of 5CT - for their resilience in raising to the challenge of remote learning. The teachers are very impressed by their efforts and commitment to their learning. 

5DH - Ella - for being a great role model who always follows the TC values. 

5JR - All of 5JR  for their continued resilience  and adaptability when faced with change. 

5KS - All of 5KS - for showing resilience, patience and humour this week in completing their home learning to the best of their ability. 

6RM - All of 6RM, Mrs Gilchrist and Mrs Wardle -  well done for completing another week of  learning on line - we kept smiling throughout. 

6SW - All of 6SW - for being superstars whilst being taught remotely with Mrs Thomson and for asking thoughtful and searching questions whilst interviewing Lady Macbeth.

6TS - Josie  - for breaking out of her comfort zone and presenting a Powerpoint she made to the whole class and for speaking to everyone in a loud, clear, confident voice. Well done. 

6TS - Abi - for breaking out of her comfort zone and presenting a Powerpoint she made with a partner to the whole class and for speaking to everyone in a loud, clear, confident voice. Well done. 

6WT - All of 6WT for an amazing week of home learning. 



Elise, Sofia C, Amelie SC, Ronnie and Miss Porter who celebrate their birthday this week.




A full calendar is available here

  • Thurs 15 July - whole school art day
  • Fri 16 July - sports day
  • Wed 21 July - end of term 1.00pm finish

Information sent out this week

This week we sent out/are attaching these letters, emails and flyers; letters are also available here:

This week at St Peter's

This week at St Peter's we say goodbye to Olivia who has been our parish intern for the last three years and many of you will know her through assemblies at Victoria and Thomas Coram Schools. Sunday club will be learning the story of the beheading of John the Baptiste.