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Newsletter 30

Friday 14 May

Notices and Reminders

"I did not come to be served, but to serve." Matthew 20.28

This week, our whole school worships have been led by 6WT, Olivia and 5KS. Our theme this week has been 'living for others.' As a school we have been reflecting on the people within our community, particularly key workers, who serve others - what they do and how they make a difference. We have listened to a range of stories including Aesop's fable of the Lion and the Mouse, the Bible stories of how Andrew and Simon became disciples of Jesus, Jonah, and Ruth and Naomi, which helped us to think how we can serve others in different ways.

A range of engaging texts are being used in English lessons across the school. Year 3's lessons are based around 'The Day the Crayons Quit'; Year 4 children are studying the ballad, 'The Highwayman'; Year 5 children are studying the characters in Shakespeare's Macbeth, whilst Year 6 children are using the film, Road's End (Red Scarf) to develop suspense in their writing.

Walk to School Week
Did you know that government guidelines recommended that children and young people should get 30 minutes of their daily physical activity in the school day and 30 minutes outside of school? In a recent study, children that exercised before school had improved concentration levels in school. With regular physical activity children improve cardiorespiratory fitness, build strong bones and muscles, control weight and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Next week (17-24 May) is national Walk to School Week. This annual initiative is all about encouraging healthy lifestyles and reducing traffic on our streets. We understand that it is not possible to walk all the way to school for some of you, but maybe you could try parking a short distance away so that your children can 'Park and Stride'.

We shall also be supporting Clean Air Day (17 June), which provides a chance for our school community to come together and improve air quality.

Change to published lunch menu
On Monday 17 May, the vegetarian option will be cheese and tomato pizza wrap instead of the published vegetarian meatballs.

The Big Ask Survey
The Big Ask is the biggest survey of children in England. Every single pupil's voice is important and it only takes 5-10 minutes to complete. The deadline for completing the survey is Friday 28 May. Click here for the survey.

Wraparound care
Please look out for communications regarding  wraparound care for summer 2; these will be sent out next week. 

Teams Passwords
You received a groupcall on Monday afternoon containing a new, one time password for your child's Teams account. A new feature is about to be pushed out where you can reset your own child's password if they/you forget it or get locked out. Shortly, when you log in, you will get a screen saying your organisation is requesting more information in order for you to reset your own password. You'll be asked to add another way to message you (a mobile number for a text message or another email account of your own for example). Each method you choose will ask you to verify it (ie it will send a code to your phone/email). You'll need to verify before you can move on. This video (from 00.43 to the end) shows you what will happen. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/videoplayer/embed/RE3AY8S?autoplay=false In future a password reset can be carried out by sending a code to whichever other contact details you have provided.

Arrangements from 17 May
While many national restrictions will be lifted from Monday next week, the updated guidance for primary schools has changed very little. This means that our system of protective measures remains in place until further notice. 

Half term workshop
If your children love writing and are looking for something to do over half term, Clare Swatman (local author) is running two creative writing online workshops for 8-12 year olds on Tuesday 1 and Wednesday 2 June 10.30 - 11.30am. They can either choose one of the workshops or do both as they will cover different topics and have different exercises. Previous workshops have produced some brilliant stories by the children. For further information please click here.



Stars of the week


3KD - Georgia - for showing off her amazing artistic talents in Science this week.

3NH - Paul - for some excellent work this week in maths, where he has challenged himself in both multiplication and finding perimeters!

3SB - Tess - for the vast improvement in the quality of her English. Her letter from Duncan to the crayons was very persuasive.

3SG - Xander- for the great effort he has put into his DT project this week, from the designing, making and evaluating. 

4FG - Gregory - for consistently producing work of a good standard. He also gave a stellar performance this week when performing a verse from The Highwayman, which he learnt off by heart! 

4RD - Fred - for his excellent work on the digestive system in the Year 4 Science unit.

4RP - Jack - for superb effort with his Highwayman themed TV report this week. He came up with some great ideas and took real pride in his presentation.

5CT - Sophia - for the excellent work she puts in everyday. 

5DH - All of 5DH - for being motivated, kind and supportive of each other.

5JR - Riley -  for his enthusiasm and perseverance to improve his handwriting.

5KS - Darcey- for writing a convincing argument in English.

6RM - Sophia - for her excellent recount in the Y6 Red Scarf unit in which she used repetition and the power of three to create clues that the mysterious events happened before.

6SW - Kitty Martell - for a beautifully published recount that included exciting vocabulary and adverbial openers.

6TS - Leon - for continually being an inspiring, insightful and a friendly member of the class who always tries their best and articulates themselves carefully.

6WT - Ollie and Cora for a brilliant presentation of their individual Geography homework.



Amelie E, Nicholas P, Freddie B, Roxy, Liliana and Mrs Tebby who all celebrated their birthday this week.



A full calendar is available here

  • Mon 17 - Fri 24 May - Walk to School Week
  • Wed 19 May - TLM Y6 only
  • Mon 31 May - Friday 4 June - Half term
  • Mon 7 June - 5DH & 5JR Go Ape
  • Tues 8 June - 5CT & 5KS Go Ape
  • Mon 14 - Fri 18 June - Y6 activity week
  • 17 June - Clean Air Day

Information sent out this week

This week we sent out/are attaching these letters, emails and flyers; letters are also available here:

This week at St Peter's

This week at St Peter's Sarah and Tilly will be leading Sunday Club where they'll be finding out more about Jesus praying with his disciples. The walking group is meeting again on Wednesday 19 May at 10am for a 90 minute walk to see the bluebells. If you'd like to join them please email the parish office churchoffice@greatberkhamsted.org.uk. All welcome!