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Newsletter 29

Friday 6 May 2022

Notices and Reminders

"Encourage one another and build each other up." 1 Thessalonians 5.11


It might have been a shorter week in school with Bank Holiday Monday, but we have fitted in just as much fun and learning into four days! Within this half term's value of  Friendship, our focus this week was 'supporting one another'. Our acts of worship were led by Mrs Cutler, Fr Stuart and 3SB. Year 6 have been on their final week before the end-of-primary- school national curriculum tests (known as SATS), while Year 4 spent the final three days of the week camping, exploring and having activities at Cuffley Camp on the other side of Hertfordshire. We look forward to welcoming them back this afternoon.

Respect, Responsibility, Friendship
These are Thomas Coram's core values and we would like to remind all parents and carers that every member of the Thomas Coram family - staff, pupils and parents should be treated respectfully at all times. Our Code of Conduct for parents, carers and visitors is available here

Book Fair
The travelling book fair is coming to the library in the week beginning Monday 16 May! There are over 200 titles for you and your child to choose from and with prices starting at only £2.99, there is sure to be a book for everyone. The book fair will be open every lunchtime for children to browse and buy. We will also be open after school on Tuesday-Friday until 4pm. Payment can be in cash or online using a QR code that will be up in the library in the afternoons. Any cash should be in a named envelope  and given to your child's class teacher at morning registration for safe keeping. If you can't make our Book Fair gift vouchers are available at www.travellingbooks.co.uk/parent. They are a great way to make sure your child doesn't miss out. Don't forget that every book you buy can help get free books for our school library. 

Hertfordshire Music Service
Having previously frozen the cost of music lessons for two years HMS have had to apply a modest increase to the cost, starting on 5 September 2022, which will be reflected in Autumn invoices at the end of the Summer term.

Lesson type Duration Current cost Future cost increase
Individual 20 minute £14.00 £14.70 0.70p
Individual  30 minutes £21.00 £22.05 £1.05
Shared 30 minutes £10.50 £11.03 0.53p

Small group

(3-6 pupils)

30 minutes £7.00 £7.30 0.30p

We understand that any increase in cost may have an affect on the ability for some families to continue their musical journey, and we have kept the increase as small as possible. However, if you feel you're unable to continue with your music lessons next term you can cancel your child's lessons information can be found here. If you wish to change the type of lesson your child has this can be done here. The deadline for submitting any forms for the Autumn term is Monday 16 May.

Dacorum Families SEND Information Fayre
The first SEND Fayre is on Thursday 12 May and will offer the opportunity to talk to local SEND services all in one place. The day is aimed at families who have children with special educational needs (with or without a diagnosis). You are welcome to bring a friend along to the event. Please click here to reserve your place. 

Friends of Thomas Coram
Tickets are now on sale for our Jubilee Party that is taking place on Friday 10 June! There are a limited number of tickets so buy yours today to make sure you don't miss out. FOTC Jubilee Party Tickets

Lieutenancy of Hertfordshire - Platinum Jubilee Art Competition
The Lieutenancy of Hertfordshire are running an art competition to coincide with the Queen's platinum jubilee. It is open to all pupils in Hertfordshire! For more information and competition rules please click here

Scarlet Fever
There has been an increase in cases of Scarlet Fever above normal seasonal levels and we have been asked to remind you of the symptoms. Early symptoms can include sore throat, headache, fever, nausea and vomiting. After 12-48 hrs a pinhead rash will appear usually starting on the stomach and spreading to the rest of the body. It has the texture of sandpaper. They could also have flushed cheeks and be pale around the mouth. All though the symptoms sound alarming it is normally a mild disease. If you have any concerns you should contact your GP.

Covid 19 Vaccination for all 5-11 year olds
Bookings can now be made on the national booking service for some pharmacies and GPs as well as weekend appointments at vaccination centres. Some GPs will also be offering bookings directly.  Vaccination centres have been made child friendly with a range of fun activities available and staff have decorated them to make them welcoming for children. Appointment slots have been made longer so parents and carers have time to talk to vaccinators and ask questions. To find out more go to https://covid.healthierfuture.org.uk/vaccine-information-for-young-people

Accute hepatitis in children
Since January 2022 there has been an increase in the number of children with acute (sudden onset) hepatitis of unknown cause in the UK. Most of these children are aged under 10 years old. Hepatitis is a condition that causes inflammation of the liver and can be caused by infection with a virus. The viruses that normally cause hepatitis (hepatitis viruses A to E) have not been found in the children affected recently. Other possible causes of acute hepatitis, including some medications and toxins, are also being investigated however so far a link has not been found.  The UK Health Security Agency is working with the NHS and public health colleagues across the UK to find the cause as soon as possible. 

What are the symptoms of hepatitis?
Hepatitis symptoms include: 

  • yellowing of the white part of the eyes or skin (jaundince) https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/jaundice/
  • dark urine
  • pale, grey coloured faeces (poo)
  • itchy skin
  • muscle and joint pain
  • a high temperature
  • feeling and being sick
  • feeling unusually tired all the time
  • loss of appetite
  • tummy pain

You do not need to contact the NHS unless your child is very unwell (for example, has breathing difficulties or is not eating or drinking) or if they develop jaundice (yellowing of the eyes or skin). If your child is getting rapidly worse or you are worried, trust your instincts and contact your GP, the NHS or 111.

Further FAQ's can be found here.

Stars of the week

3NH - Evie - for always going above and beyond to make sure she completes the best pieces of work.

3SB - Kuba - Mrs Millard has been impressed at his return to school and his improved understanding of verbs and how to punctuate direct speech. 

3SG - Elijah - for his consistent effort in all lessons.

Year 4 - All of Year 4for those at Cuffley and in school you have all been superstars.

5DH - Nathan - for his hard work in RE lessons about The People of God

5JR -  Sophie - for always trying her best and being a kind and considerate member of 5JR.

6RM - All of 6RM - for their continued focus and hard work preparing for the SATS.

6RT - Amelia - for a super piece of writing from our poetry topic: The Raven

6SWHarry - for a fantastic start to a piece of work focused on the poem The Raven.

6WT - Sophia - for super focus and effort in her learning.  


A full calendar is available here       

  • Mon 9 - Thurs 12 May - Year 6 SATS           
  • Mon 16 - Fri 20 May - Book Fair in school          

Information sent out this week

This week we sent out/are attaching these letters, emails and flyers; letters are also available here: 

This week at St Peter's

St Peter's church website with details of services and events can be found here.