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Newsletter 18

Friday 28 January 2022

Notices and Reminders

"Be strong and courageous; do not be frightened or dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go" Joshua 1.9


This week our whole school worships have been led by Mrs Cutler, with the help of Year 5; Father Joe and 4RD. Continuing with the value of courage, our theme has been overcoming fear. We have listened to the Bible stories of Gideon's Little Army and the story of Jesus walking on the water from John, chapter 6. We reflected on the meaning of the quote from the Bible: 'Perfect love casts out all fear.' 1 John 48. The children interpreted this to mean that if they have the love and support of those around them, that they could overcome any fear. 4RD shared their fears and how they had overcome them. They also taught us the meaning of the new words ending in phobia including Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia which is one of the longest words in the dictionary - and, in an ironic twist, is the name for a fear of long words.

Parent Consultations
The window to book an online appointment with your child(ren)'s class teacher has now closed. If you wish to make an appointment, please contact the school office, where the staff will be happy to book an appointment on your behalf (depending on availability). Please note that these appointments are face to face to enable you to also view your child(ren)'s books and work. 

A reminder to parents/carers in 4KD, your child's books will be available to view after school until 5pm on Monday 31 January (if your appointment is 1 February) or Monday 7 February (if your appointment is on Thursday 10 February).

On the evening of your appointment, we would ask parents to wear a face covering in the communal areas of the school, to use the hand sanitiser in reception on arrival and to arrive 10 minutes before your appointment to view your child's books. There will be signs to direct you to where your child's consultation is taking place.

Year 6 activity week
This a quick reminder that the second instalment for the Year 6 activity week was due today. This can be paid on Wisepay (our preferred option) or by cash or cheque to the school office. 

Mid-morning snacks
Children often become very hungry during the morning and we strongly recommend that they bring a mid-morning snack consisting of a piece of fruit or raw vegetable. This will aid their concentration for the rest of the morning. Children should not bring any sweets, biscuits or crisps at breaktimes please. 

Feeling Good Week ( 7 - 11 February)
Feeling Good Week is a Hertfordshire-wide event encouraging schools and the wider community to promote children and young people's emotional well-being. We have organised a range of activities in school for the children to participate in to boost their emotional and mental wellbeing. On Friday 11 February, children may come to school dressed in something that makes them feel good. 

A reminder that Monday 7 February, Dr Kathy Weston will be delivering a talk at 7.30pm for parents of children at Thomas Coram, Victoria and Swing Gate schools. 

Over 96 parents have now registered for this event. Due to the positive response, this talk will now be held on-line. You can still reserve your place by clicking here. There is no charge for this event and we hope as many of you as possible will attend; Kathy is extremely knowledgeable and a very engaging speaker. She will undoubtedly have many useful insights into ways of supporting children's wellbeing and resilience in these difficult times. 

Safer Internet Day
Tuesday 8 February is Safer Internet Day. This day is celebrated globally each year to promote the safe and positive use of digital technology. The theme this year is 'All fun and games? Exploring respect and relationships online.' In school, the children will be undertaking activities exploring how to treat each other with respect on-line.

Safer Internet Day is also an opportunity to remind parents and carers of the age restrictions for different social media platforms and gaming. 


PEGI ratings - What do the labels mean?
These are primarily used in Europe and Asia.
PEGI3 - suitable for all ages
PEGI7 - suitable for young children
PEGI12 - suitable for children 12 and over
PEG16 - suitable for children 16 and over
PEG18 - Only suitable for adults

COVID Update
From Thursday 27 January, wearing a face covering in communal areas in school is no longer recommended. However, we are working very hard to minimise disruption to the children's learning. The school is continuing with our current measures: one way system and designated year tables in the dining room at lunch times; whole school worships are currently limited to two year groups, with the other year groups receiving a live stream. Staff have the option to wear a face covering in communal areas. 

We would like to remind parents and carers that all pupils who live with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, reception age or above, it is recommended they should take a LFD test everyday for 7 days. Anyone who develops COVID-19 symptoms should isolate immediately and book a PCR test. If pupils are feeling unwell with other symptoms they should stay off school until well enough to return.

Royal British Legion
The RBL would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who supported their Poppy Appeal in November 2021. We raised an amazing £520.29; thank you to all our parents and pupils for your generous donations. 

Bridgewater Cross Country Event
Bridgewater school will be holding a cross country event on March 12 2022. This will be open to all pupils. Further details will be sent out nearer the time but draft race times are as follows;

Year 6 girls    9.30am
Year 6 boys   9.45am
Year 5 girls    10.00am
Year 5 boys   10.15am
Year 4 girls    10.30am
Year 4 boys   10.45am
Year 4 girls    11.00am
Year 3 girls   11.15am
Year 3 boys   11.30am

Friends of Thomas Coram 
A reminder that film night for Year 3 on Friday 4 February can be booked here

Lunch accounts
Please remember to check your child(ren)'s lunch balance on Wisepay regularly and top up as necessary. Thank you. 

Weekly Wellbeing 2022
Maintaining Energy levels
Looking after your physical health has a positive impact on your mental and emotional wellbeing. A healthy and balanced diet helps you feel physically stronger and avoiding certain foods can help if you are feeling low or anxious; certain carbohydrates such as oats, beans, pears and peas slow down your sugar absorption and increase serotonin, which help regulate mood swings. Regular exercise really helps too; it doesn't mean running 5K but might include a local stroll, a fitness or yoga session or even some kitchen dancing. Balanced sleep is essential for good mental health, but it can also be a useful self-care strategy for when you need a break to get away from your thoughts or a situation for a bit, especially during duller winter months. There isn't one giant step to well being...it's lots of little steps.

Keeping the engine running while waiting to collect someone contributes to an increase of air pollutant levels. Schools in particular are hotspots. Air pollution contributes to an increased chance of developing lung cancer, increased risk of heart disease and increases in asthma, coughs and bronchitis. Please remember to turn your car engines off when stationary for the benefit of our pupils and the environment. 


Stars of the week

3NH - Ernie - for being a absolute superstar at using the method of chunking for division.

3SB - Wilfred, Alex News, Amelia R - for the improvement in their handwriting.

3SG - Avaley - for remaining motivated and producing some great poems.

4AP - Alessia - for being a supportive learning partner and a cheerful member of the class. 

4KD - Paige and Henry - for writing a brilliant playscript and then directing it. They were professional, creative and very organised. 

4KS - Louisa - for being a motivated and independent student with a great love of learning. 

4RD - Esme - for her eager participation in all her learning and her constantly sunny disposition. 

5DH - Cody - for his brilliant effort with his reading and maths. 

5JR -  Askel - for a wonderful piece of descriptive writing inspired by 'The Ridge'. 

6RM - Quinn - for great independent writing in the class formal WW2 monologues.

6RT - Alana - for her continued positivity in school and for always persevering and trying her hardest even when tasks can be challenging - she has such an 'I can do this' attitude.

6SW - Sofia C - for great effort and enthusiasm in every lesson this week.

6WT - Joseph C, Freya and Maya - for making an amazing glow stick dance video (in response to the lesson on light sources) which made everyone in 6WT smile.


A full calendar is available here       

  • Tues 1 Feb - Year 3 and 4 parent consultation evening 4 - 7.00pm
  • Thurs 3 Feb - Year 5 and 6 parent consultation meetings 4 - 7.00pm
  • Fri 4 Feb -  FOTC film night Y3
  • Mon 7 - Fri 11 - Feeling Good Week - feel good clothes on Friday
  • Mon 7 Feb - Parenting in the 21st century; on line talk by Dr Kathy Weston
  • Tues 8 Feb - Safer Internet Day
  • Tues 8 Feb - Year 5 and 6 parent consultation meetings 4 - 7.00pm
  • Thurs 10 Feb - Year 3 and 4 parent consultation meetings 4 - 7.00pm

Information sent out this week

This week we sent out/are attaching these letters, emails and flyers; letters are also available here:

This week at St Peter's

St Peter's church weekly notices for week beginning Sunday 30 January can be found by clicking here.