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Newsletter 18

Friday 3 February 2023

Notices and Reminders

And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9


This week at Thomas Coram
I have had a great week going into all of the classes this week watching lessons and talking to the children about what they were learning. I heard some excellent Kennings poetry in Year 3 and heard about their work with bar graphs. In Year 4, I heard Alice in Wonderland. Year 5 treated me to some diary entry writing from their new book Monsterology. I was particularly impressed with the fantastic vocabulary the children were using. I even learnt a new word myself: denizens meaning person or animal in a particular place. In Year 6, I was able to watch a scary movie clip about a car crash and whether the person was actually able to see into the future! Again, great description was used to describe the main character! I also saw battleships and had translation explained to me in a Maths lesson. I am very much looking forward to our well-being week next week, with boxing, bootcamp, dance and yoga groups coming in 

On Wednesday, Father Stuart led worship on perseverance and fighting your demons and continuing to have a go. He was frightened of heights but climbed heights with his son even though he was worried. On Thursday, Mrs Giles led signing assembly and we were treated to Lean on Me and Eye of the Tiger. I was very impressed with Eye of the Tiger! On Friday, 5DH led worship and were thinking about having a positive mindset even when things are difficult. 

Behaviour on site 

I would just like to remind all parents of the Parent Code of Conduct that all parents should be following:

Respect the caring ethos and values of our Church of England federation and its

We cannot tolerate: 

Using loud or offensive language, swearing, cursing, using profane language or displaying temper.
Threatening, in any way, or assaulting a member of staff, governor, visitor, parent/carer or child regardless of whether or not the behaviour constitutes a criminal offence.

Behaviour off site  
A general reminder about behaviour off site, please remember to be courteous and to be demonstrating the TC values when you are walking to and from school.       

Young Voices

All Year 5 children to be dressed in school uniform. T- shirts will be given out Monday morning. Please remember that the children need a substantial packed tea that they will have between the rehearsal and performances. Please remember no nuts.  

Feeling Good Week
We are all really looking forward to feeling good week next week. 

Y3 & 4 - Wednesday - bring in blankets, slippers and teddies. 

Y5 & Y6 - Tuesday - bring your slippers.

Dress Down Day - Year 3
FOTC are holding a dress down day next Friday. As Year 3 are going on a trip that day, their dress down day has been moved to Thursday 9 February. All year 3 children should come to school in school uniform on Friday 10 February. 

Sporting success
Well done to the Y5 and Y6 football team who won their match 3-1 against Tudor Primary on Thursday evening. Congratulations to Miss Minter and everyone who played.

Captain's Club
Bookings must be made in Arbor at least a week in advance of the sessions required.
Pupils must not arrive without booking as there may not be enough staff, food or resources available for them. Pupils who arrive at a session without a booking may not be able to attend and parents would be called to collect them immediately. 
Contact details
Please make sure that all information on Arbor - phone numbers, addresses etc - are up to date. It is quick and easy to do. Thank you. 

Air up bottles  
A reminder that air up bottles are not allowed in school. Thank you.  

Just a general reminder, for snacks at break, the children should not be provided with sweets, crisps, chocolates and fizzy drinks. Please also ensure the items are nut free. 

Reminder – if you have any concerns, please speak to your child’s class teacher face to face or send an email to admin, you can also speak to one of the phase leaders Mrs Giles for Year 3 and 4 and Mrs Munro for Year 5 and 6, Miss Williamson can also be contacted if you have any concerns. 

School site  
Recent Ofsted inspections have focused heavily on safeguarding, if you need to come onto the school site, please do so via the school office (if it is not a drop off or pick up time) as we cannot have parents walking through the building unless they are accompanied by staff. Can I also please request, that when on school premises appropriate language is used and that you are courteous towards staff members.  

A general reminder that the children should have their hair tied up in school, if their hair is past their shoulders.  

Thank you to everyone who attended the FOTC/Parent Forum meeting. What a great turn out. 

Save the date
Bridgewater annual cross-country event, which is open to all our pupils, will be held on Saturday 11th March. More details to follow next month.

Half term
There are a number of different types of activities happening over half term and links to find out more information can be found below.

NHS Hertfordshire Community Trust
The Children's well being practitioner support team offers support, guidance and webinars covering  anxiety and behavioural problems. More information about how to access and services can be found here

Stars of the week - 

3SB - Hannah for the interest she shows in every lesson, her brilliant homework and always doing extra suggested tasks at home. 

3SG - Elwood & Eddie both did a super job writing amazing kennings about an animal this week.   

3EW - Archie for displaying very kind and caring qualities towards a class mate, thinking how he could help them feel better when they were sad. 

4HS - All of 4HS - for blowing Mrs Griffiths away with their extremely hard work on fractions this week. She was so impressed and proud of you all! Keep it up. 

4SW - Emma for outstanding work in science - she drew labelled diagrams of an atom and explained how free electrons carry electricity in conductors (very complicated stuff!).
4AP - Lucy for her enthusiasm and cheerfulness and thoughtful contributions to all lessons. 

5DH - Nova for her kind and positive nature; Nova is a great role model.

5KS - Khalid for working hard and striving to achieve your best. Keep up the great effort. 

5RG - Lainey for her perseverance and improvements in her handwriting and her amazing efforts in her Maths homework. Great work Lainey!

5JR - Imogen - for persevering and making good progress with her spellings and being a wonderful role model for her peers. 

6WT - Thomas C for creating the most wonderful Dreadful Menace poem, full of fantastic vocabulary choices. 

6RM - Eleanor  for trying so hard and being a pleasure to teach. 

A full calendar is available here   

Monday 6 - Friday 10 February

Feeling Good Week

Monday 6 February

Y4 Boxing Workshop

Tuesday 7 February

Y3 Yoga Workshop

Internet Safety Day

Wednesday 8 February

Y6 Bootcamp Workshop

Thursday 9 February

Y5 Dance Workshop

Friday 10 February

Y3 Trip to Tring Museum

FOTC Dress Down and Doughnuts!

Monday 13 - Friday 17 February

Half term

Monday 20 February

Pupils return


Information attached this week

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This week at St Peter's

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