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Newsletter 17

Friday 21 January 2022

Notices and Reminders

"Be strong and courageous; do not be frightened or dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go" Joshua 1.9


This week our whole school worships have been led by 6WT, Chloe and 6RT. The stories of Grace Darling and Zacchaeus were used to help us understand how we need courage when we are facing a challenge. We thought how sports people such as Eliud Kipchoge (Kenyan marathon runner) also need courage to face their challenges and disappointments. We were delighted to welcome Rev'd Rebecca and Rebecca Hamilton from Sunnyside church back to the school. They led Lower Key Stage 2 and Upper Key Stage 2 worship this week and used the story of David and Goliath to illustrate this week's theme of 'Facing a challenge'.

This week in school
Year 3 children have been learning about Haiku poetry in their English lessons and the different types of rocks in their science lessons. In Year 4, play scripts have been the focus of English learning using the classic story of Alice in Wonderland, whilst in Geography the children have been locating mountain ranges. In Upper Key Stage 2, Year 5 children have been using Danny Macaskill's The Ridge to inspire their descriptive writing as well as learning about the different symbols on Ordinance Survey maps and improving their table tennis skills in PE. Year 6 have also been using maps in Geography to see how far food has to travel to the UK, whilst long division with remainders as fractions has been the focus in maths. The children are using the experiences of WW2 evacuees as the theme for their English learning. 

Parenting in the 21st Century: Lessons in building post COVID resilience
Dr Kathy Weston will be delivering this talk on Monday 7 February at 7.30pm for parents of children at Thomas Coram, Victoria and Swing Gate schools. At the moment we are uncertain as to whether this will be a face-to-face or online event, but bookings are now open and you can reserve your place by clicking here. There is no charge for the event and we hope as many of you as possible will attend; Kathy is extremely knowledgeable and a very engaging speaker. She will undoubtedly have many useful insights into ways of supporting children's wellbeing and resilience in these difficult times.

Ashlyns Junior Park Run
Ashlyns Junior Park run is a free timed, 2km run for 4-14 year olds every Sunday at Ashlyns at 9am. It's about having fun not breaking records, so children can run, jog or walk and the tail walker means no-one comes last. Also, parents and guardians are very welcome to run with their children, watch or volunteer. Registering is easy and free to do and once this is done you can turn up at any Saturday 5km or Sunday 2km parkrun and take part. 

More information can be found at www.parkrun.org.uk/ashlyns-juniors. Click here for a leaflet about the Junior Parkrun Code. At Ashlyns the course is on grass and can get rather muddy during winter months!

Friends of Thomas Coram
A reminder that films nights for Year 4, Friday 28 January and Year 3, Friday 4 February can be booked here. We are also holding a meeting at The Crystal Palace on Thursday 27 January at 8.00pm all are welcome. 

Weekly Wellbeing 2022
Being kind to yourself
If you are feel overwhelmed, consider how to 'talk' to yourself. Often, we are much harder on ourselves in our own thoughts than we would be to anyone else. Imagine a friend in the same situation instead of you... how would you support and comfort them? How would you encourage them? Try to treat yourself kindly and gently and remember that you are not failing; you are doing the best you can. 

Wraparound bookings
Wisepay bookings for sessions in Spring 2 2022 (February and March) are now open to current users and will be open to all from Monday 24 January.

Parent Consultations
Spring term parent consultations are due to take place during February. A letter with further details and how to book will be sent out early next week. 


Stars of the week

3NH - Darcy - for being a wonderful role model for the whole class.

3SB - Eliza - for her extreme kindness and inclusion of others. Eliza has the special gift of making everyone feel valued and important. 

3SG - Emily - for persevering with her reading even when it got tricky; Mrs Giles is very pleased that she has made such progress.

4AP - Ted - for always listening carefully to instructions, for working hard and trying his best in every lesson. Ted is a real role model for the class. 

4KD - Myley  - for increased effort in all lessons and for always making people smile.

4KS - Atlas - for his enthusiastic approach to all learning activities and a willingness to help others in the class. 

4RD - Leo - for the fantastic effort he has been putting into all his lessons and the amazing improvement in his handwriting. 

5DH - Ruby  - for her amazing effort writing.

5JR -  Ava - for always listening carefully in class and approaching all of her learning with a positive attitude. 

6RM - Holly - for keeping going and smiling through a difficult time.

6RT - Nicholas - for his super effort, focus and engagement in all lessons. He always tries his best and is a very kind and considerate member of the class. 

6SW - Flynn - for great perseverance with long division and swimming.

6WT - Jagoda - for superb independent work in Geography this week. Jagoda's answer were full of details and carefully written.


A full calendar is available here       

  • Fri 28 Jan - FOTC film night Y4
  • Tues 1 Feb - Year 3 and 4 parent consultation evening 4 - 7.00pm
  • Thurs 3 Feb - Year 5 and 6 parent consultation meetings 4 - 7.00pm
  • Fri 4 Feb -  FOTC film night Y3
  • Mon 7 Feb - Parenting in the 21st century
  • Tues 8 Feb - Year 5 and 6 parent consultation meetings 4 - 7.00pm
  • Thurs 10 Feb - Year 3 and 4 parent consultation meetings 4 - 7.00pm

Information sent out this week

This week we sent out/are attaching these letters, emails and flyers; letters are also available here:

This week at St Peter's

Please click here for information on St Peter's church including service times.