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Newsletter 14

Friday 16 December 2022

Notices and Reminders

When I am afraid, I put my trust in you. Psalm 56:3

This week at Thomas Coram 
The children had a great start to the week, with the snow that we saw on Monday. We were lucky enough to play on the field during break and lunch and we made large snowballs and snowmen, it was so fantastic to see the children so happy and joyful! Year 3 were busy performing their nativity play to the school on Monday in their dress rehearsal, then to parents on Tuesday and Wednesday. The children tried so hard and were fantastic ambassadors for the school, well done Year 3 and to the Year 3 teaching team. Year 4 were busy with their Egyptian Day on Wednesday, it was great to see so many Egyptian costumes, despite the cold weather. They enjoyed looking at hieroglyphics, making bread and creating self-portraits. The children had an excellent day. The Christmas parties were a success for Year 3 – 6 and the children really embraced the Christmas spirit. Today we also had our visiting panto, which was so funny and engaging, the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves this morning. I cannot believe we finish for Christmas next Wednesday and then the first term of 2022-23 will be completed!  

On Monday, Year 3 showed us their dress rehearsal of the nativity and explained the story of Christmas with some cheerful spirit thrown in. On Wednesday, Father Joe led worship.   

Snack and Lunches  
Just a general reminder, for snacks at break and packed lunches, the children should not be provided with sweets, chocolates and fizzy drinks. Please also ensure the items are nut free. 

St Peter's EOT Service 
We will be holding our end of term service at St Peter's church on Wednesday 21st December at 10:30 am. Both Victoria and Thomas Coram will be attending, so due to both schools attending, seating may be limited. But we do strongly encourage parents to attend. 

Y4 choir
A number of our Y4 pupils are performing a commissioned work by James Lark which will be performed at 7.30pm on 17th December 2022 in the Church of St Peter & Paul, Tring. We wish them the best of luck. 

Christmas lunch
All teachers will be given a list of those pupils who have ordered a School Christmas Lunch for Tuesday 20 December - this will then be charged to pupil's Arbor account on Tuesday.

If you did not order a Christmas lunch, please provide a packed lunch.

Parent Forum
We will be sending the parent forum notes out on Monday next week. 

Changes to lunch menu next week
Monday's lunch will be unchanged, Tuesday is Christmas lunch and Wednesday's lunch will be pizza or fish fingers with chips or pasta and veg or beans.

Idling cars
As a school we would like to reduce the air pollution created during drop off and pick-ups, this is something we will be exploring this year and I will be discussing with the parent reps. One suggestion we have for the time being is, when parked outside the school awaiting drop off or collection times, could you please turn off your engines. This will not only save the environment but will also save petrol, as your engine won’t be running unduly. A reminder if you would like to join the working party to help reduce pollution and improve road safety please email the office and I will be in touch in the new year. 

Children's wellbeing practitioner service
The children's wellbeing team which is run in partnership with Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust, have sent us the latest information and the services you can access. Their details are below and more information can be viewed here. 

Children’s Wellbeing Practitioner Team - Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust
Unit 1a Howard Court | 14 Tewin Road | Welwyn Garden City | AL7 1BW
Email: hct.cwp@nhs.net Monday to Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm (excluding bank holidays)

Dacorum Music School
Dacorum Music School is offering a free half terms lesson on FLUTE next term at the music school, here is Hemel Hempstead. Children can sign up to try an instrument and we also loan a free instrument to them for the half term. For more details please click here. 

Crisis food support in Dacorum
The Citizens Advice Bureau have put together the following information for families needing support over the Christmas period. 

Open Door is a designated ‘Warm Space’ for the people of Berkhamsted
Open Door Community Space and Café is delighted to have been designated an official ‘warm space’ within Hertfordshire. Due to increases in the cost of living, we are all facing unprecedented pressures, and heating our homes is more expensive than ever. A designated 'warm space' is somewhere people can use to stay warm this winter, and where you'll always get a warm welcome.

Open Door is open Monday - Friday 10:30 - 3:30, and Saturday 10:30 - 1pm, and during these times their café offers hot and cold drinks, cakes, a savoury dish such as soup, and a place to be. The café operates on a donations basis - so pay as much, or as little as you'd like, or are able. Read more about the café at www.opendoorberkhamsted.co.uk/community-food. There is free wifi, and power sockets, and usually an exhibition of local art as well, as well as lots of activities around the building.

DSPL courses - Spring Term
Please find below the link to view/download the Spring 2023 Parenting Courses and Support Brochure for Dacorum: They have online courses running on 24 January for Anxiety and Attendance (6pm-7.30pm) and 15 March for helping your child manage anger (1.30 - 3.00pm). You can book a place by emailing jnethercoat@hobshillwood.herts.sch.uk


Lithium-Ion Battery Safety Awareness
Most modern UK households now have many items that contain Lithium-Ion batteries such as mobile phones, e-bikes/scooters, vacuum cleaners and even children’s toys and any of these items can be a potential risk if not treated correctly.

Research has identified a lack of knowledge in the public surrounding these issues so Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service have created a video awareness campaign called ‘Simple Changes Save Lives’.

Smoke detectors are proven to protect life, however lithium-Ion battery fires can start and develop so quickly.  Lithium-Ion is one of the most common forms of battery because it can store the most energy in the smallest space.

This video gives some simple advice that means even if a fire does start from a battery, the occupants of the home should be able to escape and this video is worth watching:

Lithium Battery Safety Awareness video in conjunction with Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue Service - YouTube

Because of their potential to catch fire, Lithium-Ion batteries must be looked after:

  • Only buy batteries from a reputable manufacturer.
  • Unplug devices when they are fully charged to avoid overheating.
  • Store batteries in a cool dry place.
  • Do not charge items such as mobile phones or tablets under pillows or on beds.
  • Avoid charging devices overnight when anyone is asleep.
  • Do not charge anything in a corridor or room that provides your only way out of your home.
  • Ensure there is a working smoke alarm in every room where charging takes place and charge in a location where you can close a door to prevent smoke spread.
  • In the event of a fire, leave immediately and do not attempt to extinguish the fire yourself.

For further information relating to Lithium-Ion batteries, visit www.batteryfiresafety.co.uk

All queries relating to this message and any requests for a FREE Safe and Well visit should be directed to www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/fire or call today 0300 123 4046.

A huge thank you to everyone who has helped this week. If you were lucky enough to win one of our fabulous hampers you will have received an email this afternoon and they will be available to collect on Monday and Tuesday from the Art room after school. 

The Silent Auction ends at 7.30 tonight so keep on bidding. These prizes will also be available to collect from the Art room after school on Monday and Tuesday. 

Stars of the week - 

3SB - Benji - for performing as the King with confidence and the voice of a King and Daisy for learning all her lines and performing in a calm and controlled way. A massive thank you from Mrs Bruguier.

3SG - Arthur - Mrs Giles is so proud of the whole class for their performances this week, but especially to Arthur who did a great job learning his lines and took direction, remembering all his actions. Well done Arthur for super acting as Steve the donkey in the Year 3 production. 

3EW - Lola-Mae - for showing a positive attitude towards her learning and for being a marvellous midwife.

4HS - Will - for being kind and considerate to those around him and for looking after his classroom.

4SW - All of 4SW - you have worked really hard this term and it has been a pleasure to teach you! Keep being wonderful.
4AP - All of 4AP - for their enthusiasm and focus during this week's Egyptian Day and for producing some fantastic art work. 

5DH - All of 5DH - you have all been absolutely amazing this term. Thank you so much from Mrs Hall. 

5KS - Mojtaba- for always being on task and putting 100% effort into all of his work.

5RG - All of 5RG - for working extremely hard for the whole term.  

5JR - Millie - for the hard work and effort she has shown across the curriculum this term. Well done.

6WT -  Henry - at Captain’s Club, Henry is a great role model to younger children, encouraging them and praising them when playing football. The Captain’s Club team say it is like having an extra adult there!

6RM - Sammy -  for excellent editing and adding further detail to his explanation text.

A full calendar is available here                   

  • Tues 20 Dec - Christmas Lunch and Christmas Jumper Day
  • Wed 21 Dec - End of term Christmas Service at St Peter's 10.30am
  • Wed 21 Dec - Last day of term 1.00pm finish
  • Mon 9 Jan - First day of Spring Term

Information attached this week

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This week at St Peter's

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