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Newsletter 13

Friday 10 December 2021

Notices and Reminders

"Clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.' Colossians 3:12


This week, our whole school worships have been led by Mrs Cutler and the Reflective Leaders, Chloe and 4KD. The Reflective Leaders used the story of the Lost Sheep and a role play about a lost child to help us understand how we feel compassion. The lamb, that was lost, was probably hungry, cold, afraid and lonely. But the shepherd came looking for him because he cared about the sheep and wanted to help. Likewise, in the role play, compassion led a pupil and mother to help, even though it made the pupil late for school. At the end of Monday's worship, Mrs Cutler lit the second candle on our advent wreath. 

This week in School
As we approach the end of term, our Year 3 pupils have been preparing their Christmas production: Countdown to Christmas. With the help of a rather unusual Advent Calendar, Countdown to Christmas charts the progress of a contemporary family as they battle their way through to the big day. This year, the production is being filmed to share with our Year 3 families on-line. 

Acts of Kindness
Orla in Year 4 helped to create her family's entry for day 2 of the Berkhamsted Advent Windows trail. Neighbours and school friends visited for the big reveal and were treated to hot chocolate and other treats. £40.10 was donated to the Berkhamsted's Schools' Association. 

Next week we shall be welcoming 7 new pupils whose families have resettled in the UK from Afghanistan. A big thank you to Darcey in Year 6 who has prepared a list of useful phrases for staff and children to use. 

FOTC Christmas Fairs
A big thank you to all parents and carers who supported the FOTC Christmas Fairs which raised £2,500. All the children thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon activities. More fundraising events are happening please see the FOTC update further on for more details. 

School Travel Award
Thank you to all the families who walk to school. Not only is it a way to keep fit but it has allowed us to retain our Bronze Travel Award. Some of you also take the opportunity to walk your dogs in the morning. Could we please ask that you try not to block the area around the pupil gate; not only can this be dangerous but some of our pupils are wary of dogs.

Christmas Lunch
Remember to wear a Christmas jumper and/or hat on Monday 20 December for our Christmas lunch. Please don't forget to send your child with a pack lunch if a school lunch was not ordered. 

End of term
A reminder that term finishes at 1pm on Tuesday 21 December; children return on Thursday 6 January at the usual time (8.50am).

We have a vacancy in the school office for a  HR Administrator. Please click here for further details of the role and how to apply. 

Should my child go to school today?
Hertfordshire and West Essex Healthier Together is a useful resource for parents when considering if your child is well enough to attend school. It contains a range of information about illnesses in children and when a child should return to school after being ill. 

FOTC Update
So it would seem all the hard work and headaches from 333 over excited children was well worth it, it is looking like our Christmas endeavours have raised over £5000! This is incredible and we are extremely grateful to all of you for your support. We cannot wait to share the final total with you before the end of term. We would also like to thank one of our parents who won two hampers and generously donated one to the Hospice.

Silent Auction -  There is still time to grab yourself a bargain (and increase our fundraising total some more) by bidding in our fabulous silent auction. We have over £2,700 worth of prizes and bidding ends tonight at 10pm. You even get a text if you get outbid so pop over to galabid and have a look. 

FOTC Honey - Orders have been flooding in for our FOTC Honey from Beespoke Beekeeping - if you want your jar by the end of the term, please order it before Friday 17 December. 

Festive Dash with The Hospice of St Francis - We have teamed up with the Hospice and are doing a festive dash on Monday 20 December. Before we sit down to enjoy our festive lunch, we will do a dash round the school in our lovely Christmas jumpers. The suggested donation for wearing your Christmas Jumper is £1 and all funds raised will be split between FOTC and the hospice. If we are all well behaved and stay on the good list, Father Christmas may even lend one of our teachers an outfit to wear!

Both honey and the festive dash can be bought here.

Thank you for all your support, the FOTC.

Beezee Bodies
Beezee Bodies' (which is funded by HCC) next set of courses for families starts in January 2022 and details can be found here. They have also sent some delicious looking recipes which can be found here


Stars of the week

3NH - All of 3NH- for adapting so well to life in "the bubble", taking it all in their stride and being very sensible and mature. 

3SB - All of 3SB - for being amazing and adaptable and for following Mrs Bruguier to constantly tell them how to stand, how to dance, how to project their voice and never once making it feel like a struggle. 

3SG - Dexter - for working really hard the last few weeks; he has been putting lots of effort into his handwriting. 

4AP - Violet- for a lovely piece of descriptive writing about Leon and the Place Between. 

4KD - All of 4KD - for a super first live class worship. 

4KS - Nyke - for the amazing effort he put into writing his story based on Leon and the Place Between.

4RD - Zac - for working hard in all subjects and being a good role model for the rest of the class.

5DH - Josh - for his thoughtful poem in RE this week.

5JR -  Raffy - for being a role model to his peers. He approaches every lesson with a positive and enthusiastic attitude to learning. 

6RM - Drew - for being a valued member of the class, always working hard, being a good friend to others and being an amazing gymnast.  

6RT - Anna - for the kindness she shows to others. For  bringing a smile to her teachers' faces. 

6SW - Darcy - for being an incredibly supportive partner in Maths. It has been lovely to watch such encouragement and kindness.

6WT - Matilda - for super effort with her alarm clock explanation. Matilda's writing showed creativity and accuracy and she edited her work well.  


A full calendar is available here       

  • Mon 20 Dec - Christmas lunch and Christmas jumper/hat day
  • Tues 21 Dec - End of term 1.00pm finish

Information sent out this week

This week we sent out/are attaching these letters, emails and flyers; letters are also available here:

  • Outbreak letter
  • Year 3 Christmas production (Y3 only)
  • The Lancaster Model (Y6 only)

This week at St Peter's

Please click here for information on St Peter's church including service times.