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Foreign Languages (French)

With languages, you are at home anywhere.


Edward De Waal

Subject Lead: Ms A Purdy

 At Thomas Coram, we recognise the importance of learning a foreign language. By speaking another language or knowing the basics of another language it puts you at a greater advantage of being able to communicate with others from around the world. In the diverse world we are living in, this is a vital school for all of our children. Our chosen language at Thomas Coram, is French, due to 29 other countries speaking French and around 98 million people speak French as their first language with around 300 million knowing French. Children, who want to explore different parts of the world now and in the future, will be able to use this skill to communicate around the world. By knowing how to acquire the skills of learning a new language this can offer life changing experiences. Learning a foreign language can also open many career paths, for example in leisure and tourism, transportation, worldwide trade, education and linguistics to name but a few.

Our curriculum is well mapped out across the year groups and we follow the Language Angels scheme to help aid teachers with their planning.

When I grow up...

Here are some of the jobs you could aspire to do in the future:

  • Aircraft tester
  • Attractions manager

For more careers, visit Careers in Foreign languages | First Careers

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