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English - Writing

For me, the pleasure of writing comes with inventing stories.

Roald Dahl

Subject Lead: Miss Lisa Williamson

Children at Thomas Coram love to write. They are excited and enthusiastic about it and can express their ideas confidently and imaginatively by writing effectively across a range of genres for different purposes and audiences. Children’s writing shows a high degree of grammatical accuracy and they acquire a wide vocabulary, which enables them to write clearly, coherently and creatively, with a strong command of the written word. Children develop fluent, legible handwriting, accurate spelling and are able to proof-read and edit their own work. Our high expectations and consistent approach to the teaching and learning of writing enable children to reach their full potential and achieve high standards of language and literacy. We love to see our children use and apply their writing skills in other areas of the curriculum too, which is why we look for evidence in all of their books, not just their writing one!

We use Literacy Shed and Herts for Learning to plan our English lessons and our curriculum is well mapped out across the year groups to ensure the children are building on and developing their English skills. We have recently introduced half termly free writing to further develop the love for writing and enable the children to write about their own experiences and likes. We have also put together an outdoor learning box incorporating both reading and writing, which the children can use at break times and lunch times.


When I grow up...

Here are some of the jobs you could aspire to do in the future as a reader and writer:

Author / Illustrator

Stage Director

Script Writer


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