Key features of our Outreach Service

Our Outreach Service supports local schools through:

School-focused consultation

This is an annual joint action plan with the school and the Base. It is developed following discussions including:


  • whole school approaches to early identification
  • effective provision and outcomes for pupils with specific literacy and maths difficulties
  • differentiation and classroom strategies
  • further action may be in the form of learning walks, developing inclusive classroom approaches and training. The action plan is continually reviewed throughout the year so that the Base can respond to the school’s current need. Base staff are able to offer training if identified in a school’s action plan. This may include: staff meetings, whole school CPD or exemplar teaching.

Unnamed pupil discussion

We hold Surgeries half termly at the Base for teachers to come and discuss unnamed pupils. This is an opportunity to jointly problem solve strategies and resources that can be accessed through the School’s Graduated Approach.

If it is not possible to attend the Surgery we will come into school to have these meetings.

The form which should be completed prior to having an unnamed pupil discussion is available here as both a PDF document and Word document.

Pupil-focused consultation

When pupils continue to have significant literacy and/or maths difficulties, despite additional support, the school may wish to consider a Service Request application to the Base for further advice. It is expected that this pupil will have already been discussed as an unnamed child at a surgery consultation and the action plan developed at that meeting has been implemented. Schools must ensure that they can demonstrate that the pupil is experiencing specific learning difficulties relating to literacy and/or maths, despite “systematic and little and often teaching intervention.” Evidence of this intervention will be required.

Following observations and further formal and informal assessments, an intervention will be developed to meet the needs of the pupil. The Base will support the school in delivering the intervention through exemplar teaching. Pupil progress will be monitored and reviewed regularly with the pupil, class teacher, SENCo and parent.


spldpic9An INSET programme is planned and delivered by Base staff or outside speakers termly. This offers a range of training aimed at English and Maths co-ordinators, SENCos, Teachers and Teaching Assistants. The focus is on developing knowledge and skills to ensure the best outcomes for pupils with specific literacy and numeracy difficulties. Fliers and booking forms are sent to schools, but can also be accessed here.


spldpic1The Base is a resource centre. We maintain up-to-date resources which focus on assessment, reading, spelling, handwriting, writing, and numeracy and include books, games and ICT. Resources can be loaned to schools following a service request.

We hold termly Open Afternoons – people are welcome to come and look at resources and we display new materials and can offer informal advice on their use.

Click to view/download our overview of The Graduated Approach – Assess, Plan, Do, Review

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